The March 2003 Masque Unit Production

The kingdom of Wipple was in big trouble. Inflation had destroyed the economy -- there was no more gold! An ambitions miller claimed that his "miraculosis" daughter could actually weave straw into gold, which she was ordered to do immediately on pain of death. She was saved from this cruel fate by the mysterious arrival of a funny little man who actually could perform this miracle, but for a high price. He demanded her first-born child. This delightful story based on the Grimm fairy tale and the English " Tom Tit Tot" tells how the miller's daughter saves herself from this devilish bargain by discovering the little man's unusual name. She was helped in her quest by zany members of the court, as well as by the audience itself. There were charming songs, lots of laughs and a happy ending for everyone, including the little man who stays on as godfather to the new "Prince Charming."




















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