Masque Unit’s 2006 Production


This original musical production of Roald Dahl’s (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) beloved children’s book is a “happily ever after” contemporary fairy tale. The young, heroic James, two hilarious Aunts, and some very funny life sized insect friends experience a fabulous journey within a magical peach the size of a large house.

Their adventures with the giant peach take them far away across the sea. With quick thinking and teamwork, they escape sharks, survive a horrific storm and deftly handle mysterious “Cloud People.” Their journey ends in the most beautiful place in the world. Where else?... right next to the San Francisco Bay.

This production was adapted for the stage by Kathleen Bradley from award winning author Roald Dahl’s bestselling book. David Shepard, musical director for Marin Ballet, and many other Masque Unit productions, provides the musical score.



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